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Im afraid of yellow in NW leds, help?


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Im building a light for my 20 long and have no idea what leds/t5 im going to use yet. in a past build i used 2:1 RB/CW and the leds where to far apart to blend well and i couldn't take all the yellow.

the leds i want to use are ledgroupbuy's cree 3up stars 2XTE RB to 1XPG NW on one 20mm star so color blending "shouldn't" be to bad but i dont want a yellowish tinge .. i want crisp blueish white with out colors being washed out.

NW leds have more yellow and orange than the CW's iv used before so im a lil worried..

so anyone want to chime in or post links to pic's/videos that represent what the color of 2:1 rb/nw look like in person ?

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I am planning my next lighting and face the same issue. I don't like the yellow look either but I recognize the need for the warm part of the spectrum. When i used only CW I lost some of the warm colors in my corals. For this reason I will use NW in the future.


Add some more RB, b, or Violet to increase the ratio. My thinking is that it is better to add additional color for balance; then to deprive the tank of spectrum to satisfy my personal taste.


Most of the big name lights are now not only using some NW, but also throwing in Red and Violet. They add dimmers to adjust the color temp to satisfy your taste but the spectrum is all there at one strength or another.

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