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Help with HOB Filter?


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I have been using an Aqueon QuietFlow 20 HOB filter while I have been cycling my tank... now that I'm pretty much through my cycle would it be safe to change out the filter media? Or should I just get rid of it alltogether? I've been reading that HOB filters pretty much do nothing but promote higher nitrate levels and clear water, so I'm wondering with my CUC and LR if that's enough for filtration in my 20g H? TIA B)

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hey hows it going? the tank looks cool, but you have some research to do quick.


i'll make this fast....


ummm.... so to save you some headaches do this buy a HOB by AquaClear its the 110 version that you will be looking for remove the media and setup a baffle so that water is forced through some filter floss (you cans also place the heater here) before exiting the over flow and back to the main tank... Now, the extra space you can use to add some chaeto, do not add live rock rubble, maybe some sand and make sure you get the 20 dollar underwater lights from intank for the chaeto. With this and what you have now you should be good... also the natural filtration your shooting for can be acheived with 5-10% weekly water changes.


Hope this helps... research research research....


go to google and paste this "site:nano-reef.com lalni 20H" and read through the entire thread lots of good info for you there.



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ive seen the moded ac filter get pretty nasty with rubble, plus the possiblity of additional levels of nitrates coming from the fuge is not something i would want... anyway... let me rephrase that.. " you can add some rubble if you want, but i would not" your choice. ;)

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