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nano cube 12g pump burned up..


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My pump stopped working.. i took it apart and cleaned it up good and it worked a couple more days at a much louder volume than normal.. i guess it did a good job seeing as its been working for about 3 years now. So question is, i cant seem to find the nano cube model pump for sale anywhere.. what other pumps can i put back there.. also if there are any upgrades that would give me more gph that would be welcomed too. thanks for your replies in advance!



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Maxi-jet 900 is the most common pump to replace with. I just switched my stock pump out for the maxi-jet...it's whisper quiet!



From Gena's advice and many others as well, I have a Maxi-jet 900 ordered and on its way for my noisy 12g nano stock pump. It seems like a popular choice and I have not read/heard anything but great things about it.

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