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Thinking of Fluval Edge 6G Nano Build Please Help


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hi guys, been lurking around the forums for a week doing some reading up on nano reefs.

finally set my mind on a fluval edge 6 g, although ive heard of people running into problems, ive decided to stick with it. Completely new to this, so please help out! here is what im planning to do so far



Fluval Edge 6G

Replace stock halogen with mr11 or mr16s

( i know the mr11 plug directly into the existing halogen bulbs, but ive also heard with a little prying, i can get mr16s in the same socket, however not being able to go back to mr11 because it would be to loose. can anyone confirm if this is correct? i dont mind doing mr16 and not being able to revert back.


is there a big difference between mr11 and mr16's? would it be better to go mr11 or mr16?


2-4 led strips


1 x coralife 50/50 10w

or 1x coralife 50/50 20w

or 2x of each.



^^ will these be enough lighting? i just want some soft corals, a clownfish, and maybe a shirmp at most.

is there a general rule of thumb in watts for corals? i believe i read some where, 3.25watts per gallon?


a fluval edge 25w heater or Hydor THEO Submersible Aquarium Heater 25W UL

a hydor pico or a hydro korilia?

1lb of live rock , per gallon?


API saltwater kit?


besides this, what else do i need to get started? i know its a lot of questions but hopefully it will all be answered. i want to do it right from the beginning. i am reading the FAQ for newbies as im writting this.


1st step would be 1" sand, water mix salt, get my levels on point, then live rock correct?


thanks in advance, i plan to buy most of the stuff tomorrow!

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There are a lot of build threads on here for Edge tanks... try the search out and you'll find a plethora of information... Also, check out the tank of the month for Dec. 2011- it was an awesome tank constructed in a Fluval Edge by a member named dipg... I linked it below for you to check out!


Tank of The Month- Dec. 2011


1st step would be 1" sand, water mix salt, get my levels on point, then live rock correct?


Add the live rock, then sand and then your mixed water... Make sure to get a test kit to test for ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, and pH (although you can leave that for later...) API makes a great saltwater kit..


Great piece of advice- Nano-reef.com is a great place for knowledge and information... do as much reading as you can and don't be afraid to take risks and have fun while you're doing it... B)

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Please get a bigger tank! 6 gallons with sand, live rock, and coral will result in only a few gallons of open water for the clown which is NOT enough!


In addition, the fluval edge box says right on the side that it is not intended to be used as a marine aquarium!



Back when I was a noob to nanoreefs I honestly considered an edge and in retrospect I'm glad I didn't end up with one. Fluval makes a 12 gallon version, which I would strongly suggest you look into.


Just because others have done it doesn't mean you should. If you've kept larger reefs over the past few years then a six gallon may be an interesting short term challenge. If this is your first tank, forget about it.

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