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Extending heat sink lenght


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I've been thinking that my hs isn't long enough . My tank is 30" and hs is only 18".

So I wanted to know if I got 10" more in lenght how could I add it ? I don't know if I even need to do this.

It just seems that 18" is kinda short for a 30" tank.

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When I did my first led build I useda 15" heatsink over my 30" tank. It's about a foot off the water with 60* optics, it worked well but one corner of the tank was kinda dark. Then bought two more 4x4" heatsink and just hung both of them next to my original one giving it a one big heatsink look. Depending on your driver you could probaly just rewire them into your original string.

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I have 26 lights total and have ordered 80deg opitics for all of them. Maybe I'm just to close to the water,only about 6-8 inches above tank. I will look into raising them higher this weekend. I also got one of the ledgroupbuy dim4 controllers to install so I will do it all at once and see. If it still seems to be not enough light at the ends I will want to lengthen it .


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