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Use The Search Function Before Posting !


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There are a LOT of old threads onhere that can answer your questions, do a search, and pull an old thread out and ADD to it. If there is a more specific question U have, then post it, it makes it easier on all of us as we dont have to recover the basics that you will be asked. :)


( FWIW, I always learned more this way than simply asking)

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Dave you are a sponge that absorbs knowledge. Some of us are a bit thick and need to ask the same questions repeatedly. I am a dolt and I can admit it.

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Remember "Reading Rainbow" the PBS childrens show? it had Jeordi La Forge (from StarTrek TNG) as the host?


Reading is Fundemental


PSA anouncement "The more U know, The More U Grow"


Live and Let Learn





Its beter to Read and Achieve than it is to Ask and Receive


Short term memory of spoken word is 56 %

Read word is 89 % retention


Just some stuff I think of...... Call me a goober, but its true....... the reading part...



.....not the goober (Crakeur I know U would jump on that ! so I make sure to close the door on the "goober slam HAHAHAH):P

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So I am stuck on this reversing osmosis thing. This disenchanting ionizer thing, too. Should I buy one of those water treatment filter dealies? They seem to be expensive for a good one.


So I come to the "beginners" forum to ask the question and I find this post about searching the past posts to find answers. So I put in a search for "RO + DI".


Result: "The search term you specified (ro) is under the minimum word length (3) and therefore will not be found. Please make this term longer." :blush:


So I think to myself how do I spell "RO". Reverse osmosis?


OK...finally got an answer. :) I need RO to do things right ....but $150.00 to $500.00!?!?! :*(




What about "DI". Disenchanting and Ironic... indeed. ???


So is it deionizer or deionization or de-ionizer...hmmm. Getting discouraged at this point about water. I need this stuff (water) to have a nano reef tank. Have spent far too much money so far to give up.


The LFS! Yeah that's the ticket they know everything. So I ask em and these guys say that I don't need an RO/DI unit for MY reef tank. Then I ask them what they do for water. They answer with a straight face saying they have a top-o-the-line RO/DI unit with 5 stage filtration in the back! OK, so now I am realy confused. :*(


So I go trotting off to the grocery to buy a six-pack , no a twelve-pack of beer to drown my nano miseries and...BAM! There is this water vending thingy in the front of the grocery store that does RO Super Duper filtered water for about .25 cents a gallon!!! :P


ha ha... my prayers have been answered I can fill my whole tank for $3.75! I can do water changes for about $1.00!!!



So now I feel quite enthused about nano reefing... again. I have read and discovered yet some more. I have about all the ingredients I need and am gonna start setting up my tank in the morning....after I visit the Grocery store for some super duper RO water of course. hehe



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please don't yell at the newbies. asking questions (especially on the beginner's forum) is not only encouraged but expected. even duplicate questions. it would be nice if searches for past info were done first but the hobby's constantly changing.


we went thru the biowheel craze in what, four years? (it's still disputed) weiss and kent are constantly killing each other and coming out with new wierd stuff. (i haven't used any of it yet, how about you?) miracle mud? hehehe, these guys crack me up with their marketing ploys. :P


post your questions, dave likes for people to try and stump him. he actually has a better temperament than tangster and some of those guys in about.com but just as knowledgeable.

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Tiny and others ya took this post out of context. I am HELPING ! not attacking ( upon the rare chance its full moon):D


TO THE BEGINNERS; post away, but do some research first, it will narrow your questions to a simpler more dirrect response :)

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DAVE, you'll be happy to learn that I use the search function all the time. As you say it helps me learn to ask the right question (most of the time).


Let's all sing:


Butterfly in the sky

I can go twice as high

Take a look, it's in a book

a Reading Rainbow


I can go anywhere

Friends to know and ways to grow

a Reading Rainbow


I can be anything

Take a look, it's in a book (or website)

a Reading Rainbow


Gawd, I watched to much PBS when my son was little.

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