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Boxboy's MIni box-O-water

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Hey Nano Reef,


I'm going to a private college in my city for a business administration BA Degree, and I figure it's time to go smaller, for now. So I have started my first "nano" reef.


Tank Started Jan/22/2012


Current March FTS




Standerd Pet Smart 10G

Vertex Illumilux - Marino Bianco (12 Inch)

200 watt Titanium heater

Reefkeer Light

1 Koralia one (400gph)

1 No name water pump (200lph)

DIY ATO Single unit

BRS-RO/DI 75gph economy unit

API Master reef kit

Oceanic Hydrometer

Instant Ocean salt



30% Water changes weekly

12 pounds of live rock (from established system)

1/4" Caribsea Arag Substrate (rinsed clean from established system)

Unknown amount of mini snails

Unknown amount of mysis

Unknown amount of mini stars

Unknown amount of pods



1 Blue/green chromis


Soft Corals

Waterfall Montay Zoa's (200+ polyps)

Unknown name Zoa (7 polyps)

Eletric Orange Mushroom

6 Diff Mushroom, blue,green,orange ect.

2 Frags of Pulsing Xena



Orange plate ( Fungia )

Chalice watermellon ( 2,1/2" size)

Green Gold Dust Favia (9-Eyes 1,1/2" size)

Green tip Frogspawn (Euphyllia paradivisa, 2-1/2-heads)



Green Slimmer (Bali Acropora yongei, 2")

Neon Green Birdsnest (Seriatopora guttatus, 2")



3 Hermits crabs, red tiped

2 Turbo snails (Turbo Fluctuosa)

1 Stomatella snail

1 Margaretta snail

1 Sand sifting starfish (Astropecten Polycanthus)

1 Porcelain crab (Neopetrolisthes ohshima)


Things needed:

AC Filter 70



DIY In the making:

Nano Ice Chiller

ATO System


First day set up after mini cycle:


My getto light holder and anti shake device to keep light from falling.


Top down shot:


Orange plate coral:


Updated FTS.


Updated Orange plate coral shot.




New photos 19/02/2012







My friends tank


Friends frags




I test water pram weekly. Everything is good!!!


I will keep this updated with photos as things change. Any suggestions at all on anything thats helpfull is very welcome.

Edited by boxboy

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Need pics to see what you're working with!


YOU ask and you shall recieve.

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what kind of livestock should I get?

was thinkng,

2 clowns (aka nemo)

1 cleaner shrimp or blood red shrimp

zoa,pallys and lps corals, but what ones to choose?

and I dont like hermits for cuc, so what els can i add in there?

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Mmm stick to snails or get a squat lobster etc. interesting stuff. As far as plates I have no experience, bud I'd go with various zoas, they're very hardy and always nice to look at. Various rics are nice and hardy as well. Go with a fire shrimp IMO I think they're more attractive, and try a clown if you'd like.

Edited by CarrillXXP

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Does anyone think I need more or less flow in the tank?

K1 and 20gal rated hob filter full of macro. Thats it.

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What do u plan on for coral? I'm running basically the same stuff on my softu/lps ten gallon and its sufficient flow.

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What do u plan on for coral? I'm running basically the same stuff on my softu/lps ten gallon and its sufficient flow.



2 clowns, zoa, pallys and lps, maybe blood red shrimp. and cuc. thats about it.

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Does anyone on NR make or know anyone who makes nano size media reactors? for bio pellets..

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sooo about 300 ppl have looked at this post and about 1 comment lol


Either everone is thinking I dont know what im doing and is not saying anything.


Everone seems to think that I do know what Im doing lol


Good or Bad comments are very welcome here!!!

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I don't think you need more flow in there, so far. From the picks it looks like you've got great surface agitation. If you do, a second Koralia's not going to set you back by much, and would let you point them in different directions to create turbulence instead of a whirlpool.


As someone who'd recently bought a fire shrimp...they're nicer looking then skunk cleaners, but tend to hide a lot more. I only see mine when feeding time rolls around. For that 5 minutes it's EVERYWHERE...but when the food's gone the shrimp's back in the crevice that it likes to call home and all anyone sees are the antennae. This is NOT a good motivation to avoid overfeeding!

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Love your rock work. :lol:


Bout all I can comment on, tho I've had reefs before, I've been away from the hobby for over 2 years, so much has changed. I've gotten 2 posts on my 20g long thread, hang in there and keep posting, you'll get more replies.

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BulkRate and londonloco.


This is a very slow build lol. I got lots left to build or buy before im happy with it, Right now Im trying to find the sweet spot for the Frogspawn. its in the center of the tank for now. the K1 is off. only movment is from the hob, Marco is overgrowing the hob lol. I need to make some kind of a fuge or buy ac 70.


Can any one ID the last FAVIA in this post? I just guessed at the name. It does look like gold dust is on the coral itself.

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I've kept fire shrimp and skunk cleaners. My fire shrimp was always reclusive, never ate from my hand. My skunk cleaners we sooo friendly, we named them Pierre and Jaques. They ate from my hand every night. It was a great experience, until I killed them adding baking soda to the tank trying to raise my pH. Hard lesson but it has stuck with me for many years now, I never screw with my pH, if it won't live in the tanks pH, it doesn't get put in the tank. :(

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Sorry to hear that about your cleaners. Ive had 1 also. they are pretty cool. Very frendly.

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PLEASE ID the coral, 3rd from bottom of photos. Thanks.

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it might be an acan, not sure though. I would stick to a cleaner shrimp. I had both a fire and a cleaner and just like everyone else has said, the cleaner was very friendly while the fire only came out during feeding time. I like how you put the skimmer in the filter, cool idea.

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Thanks jusin.


Yup I willl get a cleaner shrimp lol The skimmer in filter idea came from many ppl on NR..

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Just visited your thread and following along.


How about a rescent FTS?

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I will post new tank shot. tonight for ya.

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New fts at night:



What kind of shrimp is this?:




Frog spawn:






A few shots of my Retired 46 bow..





Thanks for looking!!!

Edited by boxboy

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Right side


Left side


Full shot, with my Tamatos starting to grow.


Edited by boxboy

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I found out today that water fountain pumps are perfect for extra flow. 70gph from somthing the size of a matchbox. nicccee. Would work really well for any pico. In the photo above this post. You can see the pump. top left. its soo small.

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bump for growing your own food with reef lights lol

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