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pygmy angel


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well, when I went to bed last night around 12 I swear I saw him in the tank...Then around 1130 today missing in action...Feeding well, yesterday..Introduced a small pajama cardinal and chromi yesterday and the angel was making it known which cave was his...But, by the end of the day everything had settled out. Open top tank, I check all around the tank, even the back chambers... Nothing...The back of the rocks, nothing...Could my clean up crew have done that quick of a job? The biggest thing is a coral banded shrimp...I am stumped..

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If something killed it, then yeah they can clean it up that quick. I'm not sure what would cause it to die though..

yeah, this is what I was wondering since everything was in order and all parameters were good. I honestly am at a loss here...I looked everywhere for this thing...I thought it went jumping but I cant find it. I'll look again, maybe he got some good distance and got under something.


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