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Out for 3 weeks any advise ?


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Hello fellow Reefers !


I have been away for some time now but have not neglected by 15 gallon tank and everything is going great !

I am going out of country for 3 weeks starting tomorrow and have tried to automate evrything except for the water change which i usually do every 2 weeks hope 3 weeks wont be a stretch.


Stuff which is automated :

1. feeding - Eheim feeder

2. 2 part dosing

3. JBJ auto top off, will keep 12 gallons of RO/DI water as reserve :)

4. Emptying skimmer cup every 3rd day.

and the usual automation of lights .


I have also asked my friend to check on weekends and add a little bit coral frenzy.

any thing else i need to worry about ? I don't want to end up having a crashed system when i return. :(


thanks in advance !

PS : tank details and pics in signature.


Thanks in advance .

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I travel alot for work. Sounds like you have everything set up to handle your abscense. You might want to contact a maintanance service before you leave just so you have a back up if sh!t really goes down. There is only so much friends and family can/should deal with.

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I would do 2 or 3 water changes the week before you leave to make sure the water is extra clean and can handle 3 weeks without one. I would also set the auto feeder to feed very little food. Your fish will be fine on a diet for a few weeks and it will minimize the risks of an accidental overfeeding and reduce the chance of you coming home to a tank full of algae. I would also teach your friend how to manually turn things on and off and some basic troubleshooting just incase something goes wrong, and try to get him to check on the tank twice a week or more (money would probably be a good incentive to motivate him). Also if you can, install a webcam facing your tank so you can check on it remotely.

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Thanks guys for a quick response.


@SpringFever : true will do that tomorrow.


@altolamprologus :

1. water changes : taken care off during the past 2 weeks i have changed almost 80% of water.

2. autofeeder : will set it to the lowest.

3. Friend : yeah, he knows a few basic stuff. but if something goes wrong. will try to bribe him into twice a week tomorrow :)

4. I had planned for a webcam but didn't get an opportunity to get one. work kept me really busy. I will try to see if i can get one tomorrow if i can.

Thanks for the details , it was very helpful.

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