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40 Breeder Ideas Need opinions


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Im looking to be doing a 40 breeder with a 29 gallon sump and 1200gph return it what i have on the 75 im looking to get rid of due to being n college. I dont want to go the drilled way dont like the chances of over tightening and cracking and not tight enough and leaking egh. So what should i do a DIY PVC with the venturi like the MAME or do a LifeReef overflow box? These 2 Methods seem to be just as good as drilling. So leav me feed back on the negatives and positives of these 2 ideas.



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I drilled mine and haven't had a problem. Was my first time doing it and it only took an hour total to get both holes drilled. The glass is extremely thick and I don't think you could crack the glass unless you didn't drill correctly or you were trying to do it.


Drill Rules:

Drill 1.5 times the drill bit size away from the edges

Don't push down on the drill, just use the weight of the drill

Build a mound of putty around the drill location to hold water to keep the bit cool



I also wouldn't trust a siphon to control my tank while I was at work. I have heard stories about siphons breaking and sumps being emptied and tanks being overflowed onto the floor. I would much rather use a pump and gravity. Gravity isn't going anywhere so I feel safe :)


Those also look to be a lot more expensive then buying drill bits and the tank adapters.

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Well i can get it drilled for like 20 bucks a hole at my LFS but i dont really want to go that way i mean if i decide to go another way and i decided i want to sell the tank its not easy to sell a tank that is set up for exactly what u were doing.

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First off, I would definitely drill the tank. It may be a little scarey at first, but you cant beat the reliability and not to mention it looks a lot cleaner.


Second, I would reconsider the 29g sump. Personally I would either wait for Petco's next dollar per gallon sale and use another 40b as a sump or just go with a 20L. The extra 6 inches of height only really gives you a little more volume in case of power outage, unless you are planning on running your skimmer on a pedestal. I can speak from experience and say that the tall, skinny sumps are a pain to work in. If you have the room, I would definitely look into a second 40b for the sump. Of course, this all goes out the window if you are talking ready made sump and not DIY... ;)


Good luck!

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Drill it,


Far more reliable than any hang on overflow setup I have ever come across. Check my 40br link by clicking the banner in my sig.

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Halcyonism ya the sump is being used right now on a 75 gallon and it works great i set the sump up to be used for a saltwater sump in the future. U guys are all saying drill if i drill im only doing one hole and then a return will be PVCed over the top makes me feel a little better with one hole i have cracked a 20 long and a 10 cause i tightened the bulkheads to much. Oh and about the Petco thing where i live we dont have petcos we have Petsmarts.

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I am doing this EXACT build right now, 40br and 29g sump. I just drilled mine last night, and it turned out really well. Just made my own corner overflow and blacked out the back of the tank. It looks pretty slick. just gotta figure out what im gonna do for a return now. II'm using a smaller pump than you (will be about 450 gph at 4' head) and then gonna have one or 2 karolias to supplement. I say drill. and drill yourself. I got a bit, slip strainer and 4 bulkheads off ebay for around $20 all together.

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i felt the same as you when i was first thinking about setting up my 40 breeder and didnt want to drill but i eventually gave in and im glad i did. it wsa really easy and if you go slow with the drilling i dont think cracking it is a real concern. i would recommend drilling 2 holes though, one for your main drain and one as an emergency back up in case the main one gets blocked or something. i just ran my return line over the back and it has worked out well so far.

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