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February New Hampshire Frag Swap

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We are having a frag swap at a local club members apartment in Rochester, NH Sunday Feb 19th.


We will be posting updates here on this thread




Hope to see you there!



generally we just get together for couple hours and trade/sell frags to eachother and checkout the hosts Reef Setup. Should be a fun time. Last sunday was our January swap and we had a bunch of people show up!

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bump. I have over 60 frags ready for the swap. I know others are bringing a bunch too!

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come one come all! Maine Mass..NH where every you hail from is fine :)

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i am here.

like to be a member there, what are the requirements to be able to be a member?

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just sign up on the forum. and presto you are a member :P


we do monthly swaps. looks like our next one is going to be june 23rd in rochester NH at my house

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