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New tank, more algae than i like, should i get a few more snails?


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I have a 17 gallong tank, and i was originally was told by john at reefcleaners to get this 10 Dwarf Ceriths

7 Nassarius,

8 Florida Ceriths,

8 Virgin Nerites. i ended up not going through them because i wasn't going to be home to get the shipment that week, so i went to a LFS and they didnt have the same number as recommended, all they had was 4 nassarius snails, 8 virgin Nerites, and 8 Florida Certiths and also i got 2 VERY tiny hermits, like tic tac size. I have algae now growing on every rock surface pretty much, not sure why though. I haven't fed the tank at all, no livestock to feed. I am using Walmart bottled Distilled water and i am running Carbon, Chemi pure elite and purigen. I have this thursday off and i will be going to the LFS, i was told i should get an emerald crab, and few more hermits, should i pick up some more snails also? to reach the amount that John at reefcleaners suggested? i know a lot of people on here respect him and like him, just want to see what you all think, i want this algae gone before it gets worse ! Also i have some chaeto on the way and hope to have it in a few days. What else do you suggest?


Thanks !



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Get 10 more larger hermits.. 5 red, 5 blue. 7 nerites, 5 asternia and afew more ceriths. Also, get one small-medium turbo snail.

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What light spectrum are your lights and how old are they? An additional cuc will eliminate your algae problem but could start dying from starvation afer and create even more algae due to die off in the future. How lond has your tank been running, and how deep is your sandbed? Another tip is when you test your water, you should remove a small amount in a clean container and use it as your test water. This way, you keep the test tubes out of the water, since the test fluids could be a source of phosphates and silicates. Can you post some pics of the tank?

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