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My LFS sent me home with a caulastrea in need of some TLC today, after acclimating it and placing it in my tank I notice that one of the heads definitely does not belong to the caulastrea. I took a macro shot of it, since it is not quite the size of a dime, and to me it looks like a little baby fungia. Can anyone confirm?




If it is indeed a fungia, how feasible is it to keep this little guy alive and see it mature?

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does look like a baby fungia or a furry mushroom, but the mouth says fungia i believe... I think raising it to decent size is definitely feasible

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Id guess shroom due to how connected all of the tissue is. poke it with something to P it off and see if it retracts into a skeleton. if it's a softie it's a shroom, if there is a skeleton it's some kind of LPS--most likely a fungia


if it is indeed a fungia then as long as you have the proper lighting (ie moderate to high) and 'normal' parameters, it should be fine all the way to maturity


my best guess though is shroom tbh

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It is hard to say.. we'll have to wait till you do mmc's test. While it doesn't look like there's a skeleton in there due to how bent it is, I haven't seen many mushrooms with such uniform tentacles. Also, the striped mouth is generally a plate thing, to me.

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When it "attempts" to close up it just forms a little cup, looks like it cannot close up completely.


Also, I had thought that I read somewhere that fungias don't start to develop a skeleton until they are about an inch across? What you are seeing in the picture is less then a half an inch.


Thanks for the replies, will be fun to see what this grows in to for sure!

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looking at pictures it really does look like a baby fungia but it is hard to say--especially if it is true that they dont form a skeleton until they move to the sand bed or whatever


pretty cool little HH though! :happy:

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