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36" reef lighting?

10g Reef

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I have a 36 inch 4x39 watt t5 light over my 30 gallon (36x12x18) and was wondering about the coloring I should expect on sps. Right now I have the stock bulbs in, but I plan on replacing them with 2 ATI blue plus and 2 ATI Aquablue special. The corals will be placed on an arch on my rockwork that is 8-12 inches under the bulbs. I know this will keep sps alive, but will I be able to get good, bright coloring? Even on acros?

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Does anyone have a 4x39 watt t5 over a tank with similar dimensions?

I have a tek 4bulb with sps higher in the tank just get good bulbs

if i dose not work for you add led retro to it and your set

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That should be more than enough light to color SPS up just fine, be sure to acclimate them to the light or they will likely bleach. Main thing for good coloration is good water quality, without it the light won't matter.

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