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DC Power for Dimmer


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So I'm almost done with my LED build... one question left.


I bought my pots and dc jack at Radioshack to build my dimmer and as a power source I bought a 9v 'Enercell' VDC. I meant to get a 300mA, but accidentally got the 900mA (long day). I know 10v power to the dimmer / pot is required to get the LEDs to full power, but i figure that 9v will be fine since I won't be running them at full blast.


My question is if the 9v, 800mA DC power source is acceptable, or if I need to swap it out for the 9v, 300mA instead.

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I would opt for the correct rating-although it probably wont make a difference primarily because the load is are LED lamp and you have a pot to limit the current.

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