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Buckpucks or meanwells?


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I've got a lighting project that is going to have some different colors. Id like to control them all independently. And some strings will be as few as four leds. Buckpucks seem like the right drivers, but could someone please explain the different models. Meanwells seem like they'll be wasted on these small strings. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Buckblocks and flexblocks are the best of buckpucks...if your using a controller use these..otherwise if your. Using a pot dimmer you need to use the original buckpucks as they create they're own 5v reference voltage to power the dim circuit...where buckblocks & flexblocks use external voltage for the dimming circuit

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I just had an email thread going with Mike for RapidLED. I think he only sells Mean Well's.


My objection was 10 white LEDs, 10 cool blue LEDs and 4 UV LEDs, and I wanted to control/dim all 3 groups independently.


This is what Mike said:


24 LEDs is easier, so yes nothing wrong with 10/10/4. I'd stick with two drivers, each dimmable driver requires either 9-14 LEDs (48 series) or 5-8 LEDs (27 series) to run, so you'd have trouble with just 4 UV LEDs. If you want to change the ratio to 9/10/5 or something similar then you could have full control, or if you even put the UV's on their own LPC-35-700 drivers (3-13 LEDs) that would work as well since they can handle less current than the other (700mA for UV, 1000mA for blue, 1500mA for white) LEDs and you wouldn't have to under-drive any of them this way.


So I went with non-dimmable LPC-35-700 driver for 4 UV LEDs, as I don't see a scenario where I would need to dim them.

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