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AC 70 fuge lighting question


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I am looking to do ac 70 fuge what kind of lighting do I need to make it thrive? Would the truelumen led strips work. I was thinking about running a blue and white six leds total. 1TrueLumen 12000K 3-LED Linking Module and 1TrueLumen 453nm Blue 3-LED Linking Module. Will this work or I need some thing else.


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if your talking about the moonlight ones they wont work well. i tired it and the cheato was alive but never grew, not really bright enough. they are something like 1/4 a watt per led so only about .75 watts per strip and they cost about 10-15 a strip plus the adapter. i had 3 white strips over mine. i think the spectrum is wrong too but im not sure.


i went from that to a cheap marineland led strip i had, it worked better but still didnt get alot of growth. i then went to a desk lamp with a 6500k bulb and the growth exploded. i didnt like the look of the lamp so i got the pond light from in tank media baskets, it arrived this week and i have high hopes.

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