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Hermit ID Please


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So, I've had 2 of these guys for a number of months (5-6 months...), and can't find what they are... I've looked all over the internet, forums, and the hermit link that has show up quite a few time on here, and nothing. I don't know much about color morphs, and guess this is possible, but odd that I have two that are the same.


The pics aren't the greatest, so I'm hoping my description will help as well.


Their bodies are whitish- light, grey/tan. They do have little hairs on claws/legs. Eyes and antenna are bright blue. They are approximately 3/4-1" (largest in my tank).


Hope someone know what they are :D Thanks in advance! And again sorry for the poor pic quality...




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I believe I have the exact same crab. Mine came in with an order of snails. the LFS IDed them as cortez hermit crabs/red leg hermit crabs. It's a color morph as far as I know. I have seen them again at the LFS. The one I have is my favorite hermit :)

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hmmm... I don't know if I'm completely sold on these guys being a color morph of cortez /red leg hermits... Mine seem to have much larger claws compared to my red legs and pics I've found. Plus these guys dwarf my red legs... :huh:


Any more ideas???

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I can tell you they're not cortez.. cortez are blue with red bands and not that large (hell, yours is living in a turbo snail shell). That being said, I don't know what you've got!

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So, after trying to find some some inverts to help with GHA control, I can across someone who has the same hermit! But still no ID!!!


I found it under "Good or Bad Hermit (Need an ID)" in the invert forum on 10/13/10. Theirs were smaller, but defiantly the same!


In that thread it was mentioned that (in general) hermits with "hairy" legs are not the best to keep... Do I need to keep a closer eye on them? :blink:

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Yeah keep an eye.. mis-behavior that would justify removing a hermit includes eating snails, eating coral, excessively pestering other hermits, stealing food from coral.

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calcinus seurati, pretty sure of it, due to size, size of claws, and colouration. You get ones that have a bit more of a blue tint to some of their white as well and ones that have dark streaks occasionally (they have quite a lot of variations in colour) but a lot of the time the only blue on them is their eyes and feelers. Hermits come in various different colours and the quirky ones are always the best! One of my brown legs is a very cool maroon colour. The calcinus seurati seem to end up in tanks by accident... sold as red legs or blue legs, in my LFS the just have a tank that says HERMITS £2 and you have to have a look your self and your trying to pick ones you want because they are all different then you manage to get a few, get home and bam! they aren't the ones you picked! shape shifters...

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