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transferring inhabitants and LR/Live sand


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So I decided I'm going to transfer everything from my old 20long setup to my recently purchased 24 gal aquapod. In themidst of the transfer I did not account for the ridiculous sand storm that was caused when putting in the old tanks water. All the livestock is in a 5 gal bucket with a small powerhead and heater at the moment. I was just curious how long is safe to have them in the bucket and would it matter if I put them in the tank before the sand settles? I'm just trying to do it the safest way and would appreciate any input or advice. Thankyou

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I wouldn't wait until it clears completely. If you can see the back of the tank, it's fine to put your livestock back in. However, everything will be fine in the bucket for as long as it takes. Filter floss will help a lot.

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Well that's good. The reason I decided tonight is that when I was doing my monthly heavy cleaning session my filter have out, its got a warranty though, and o decided what the heck, tonight is the night. But the point is that I don't have a lil filter to stick on for the moment which I hope won't be a problem.

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