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Coraline algae


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It seems like I can never grow Coraline algae. Ive had my tank up for almost 8 months now. I run two Aqua Illumination Sol Super Blue LEDS over my 65 Gallon tank for 10 hours a day. I do 30 gallon water changes every week. I run GFO and Carbon, Nwb110 protien skimmer filter sock and use Coralife salt. I have about 65 pounds of Live rock. MY water peramaters are as follows tested all with The Calcium, Alk and Phosphate Hanna checkers and Salifert Magnesium test kit:


Calcium: 600 wayy too hight (anyone know if this will harm the tank?)

Alk: 8.6 DKH

Phosphate: 0.05

Mag: 1500

Nitrate: 0


any suggestions?

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As long as you are not dosing anything your calcium is fine being that high. You can try taking scrapings from another person's coralline and dispersing it in the tank. You can also buy a coralline covered rock and place it in there.

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