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Led/t5 combo fixture


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I am planning a 20h build for softies and lps. I already have 2x24" slr reflectors and a 2x24w ballast for t5, and was originally just going to get another two t5s, but I am also entertaining the idea of using 12x3 watt royal blue LEDs. I would use 2 10k or a 10 and a 12k t5 tubes with this setup.


Has anyone done this? Am I putting too many watts into just royal blue (low par) lighting?

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I'm working on a similar setup for my 65 which is currently 2x150 MH+4x39W T5.

I plan on using a 2:1 ratio of RB / NW (36 and 12) for a total of 48 LED's and will keep 2 of my T5's for additional color supplement as needed.


This thread and a few others in the lighting forums are great sources of info.


Long reads, but worth the effort.

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