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cycling question


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It depends on what you are using it for.


When I setup my Nano, the water was not very clear because of the sand. I ran filter floss for the first week and changed it out daily until the water was clear from sand debris.


Once the tank is cycled, my normal routine is to replace the filter floss once a week and rinse it out once in between replacements.

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+1 ^


Changing the floss may only prolong the initial cycle.

Just let it ride and check your water every 3-4 days.

Lol, find something else to do in the meantime.

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Change it when you want. Any bacteria that does grow on/in it will be removed when you take it out after the cycle is complete anyway. The point of filter floss is not for bacteria to reside in it, that's what live rock and sand are for.

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+1 for saltysnack


i don't even have filter floss in my tanks (i only use refugiums with caularpa algae, chaetomorpha and live rock, i keep critters to clean the crap up., as for cleaning the tank of dust and dirt i just wipe it up now and then.

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I am on day 4 of cycling my 22g CAD and due to the sand in the water column from the MP10 I am cleaning out the media rack daily when I do my daily water change. I wouldnt worry about bacteria thats what your LR,Sand etc are for....just clean it out when you see fit...its not a big deal either way. After the cycle I'd clean it out every couple weeks or once a week however you like to do it.

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how often should i change my filter floss when cycling?


How are you cycling?


How far along are you in this cycle?


Any livestock like a fish (1 fish) in your tank now?

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