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Why not to put $30,000 into a tank.


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a local hardware store owner wanted a tank in his office in the store a few years ago, so rather than buy a 75gallon or 55 gallon, no he buys a custom 500 GALLON in wall installation! he purchases $8000 in premium fiji live rock, $4000 in coral, $2000 in fish $9500 for the starfire tank (HUGE) and roughly $7000 in lighting, installation and various other equipment, the tank looked great for a couple years, until he went on vacation, his instructions to his employee were to open the top off valve and let the 600 gallons of sump fill to the line marked, (which takes a long time when actively using a 300gpd RO/DI system to top off. The employee opens the valve on a friday, walks away and forgets it.............

then returns on monday to find 600 gallons of fresh water was pumped into the system, and incidentally the store. everything in the tank is floating or bleached out, total loss of almost $15,000 worth of livestock and live rock and live sand, needless to say said employee is no longer an employee.


Lesson learned here:) if your going to put $30,000 into a tank, put a couple of hundred into an automatic top off system.


like i said glad it wasn't mine, but i did get about 200 lbs of good base rock for free :P

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Fark that, absolutely right about the ato!

So that's how you got your stash of base rock huh

Free stuff ftw


haha, you read my other thread about my pile of base rock huh? yep thats exactly how, he was giving the rock away, the worst part is, he was giving it away to refill and buy new live rock again, the guy has money to burn, i wish i had that kind of cash. someday

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What are the odds he'll recognize lack of ato as the main issue behind the previous disaster



don't know, he seemed to have thought of everything else BUT an ato, i did'nt mention it to him either, so hopefully for him he learned from the experience to find someone who actually knows about tanks to take care of things while he is away, and to find an ATO system.

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Employees suck, whine to much and cost you your business


Fire them all and purchase robots.



there are good employees, but for every one good one, there are 1000 who want to be paid for doing nothing, pick your employees carefully if you own a business.

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