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My tank has a dark green algae covering 1/2 the sand(lower light/lower flow areas) at first thought it was diatom bloom now it is more green than brown. If I move the sand it clumps like it is a mat stuck together by this stuff. Any ideas ? solutions? My Nitrates are not perfect but have been the same for 6 months.(in process of converting to media rack losing LR rubble to help this).this just happened with in the last 5 days.

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Pictures and set-up list/husbandry would be helpful. It could be a multitude of things. First check all your sources ie water, new additions, worn out bulbs, chemical filtration, biological fitration, mechanical filtration.

May be best to vacuum the nasty sand out, turn off the lights for a couple days, do 100% water change on the 1st day and than another 50-75% on the second or 3rd day to flush your system. Clean mechanical filters, filter floss, change carbon, look for sources of phosphates/nitrates. Algae bloom is a very general symptom of hundreds of possible causes. Maybe your clean up crew ran out of food and is dying creating die-off.

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I do 2.gal water change every 6 days,LFS checked my water parameters and other than stated nitrate problem looks good.change filter floss every 3 days and have purigen bag,bulbs are new(2 weeks old).I have lost 3 scarlet hermits inthe last month but my blue knuckle,zebra,blue leg,and few other hermits look great(molting and growing) snails look good(2nassarius,3astrea(5have 2 babies now!))2 ball of yarn worms doing well.JUST PUZZLED i think it must be to much light(but i have been slowly increasing time after reduction with new bulbs).I'll remove the junk and continue my slow removal of LR rublle and switch to media rack. THanks

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