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Supplemental BC29 HQI Lighting


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I'm currently running a Ushio 20,000K 150W MH over my BC29 HQI and I've decided I want more pop. Any suggestions on what would be the best way to add some supplemental LEDs? I've thought about a pair of Ecoxotic stunner strips, but I'm not terribly crazy over having 13" strips dangling off the edge of a 10" fixture (yeah, I'm one of those guys). I saw the Current USA TrueLumen LED strips, but they seem... Well, crappy. 4x .75W LEDs probably wouldn't even show up when stuck with a 150W MH.


So I pose these questions: What would you guys suggest to add a bit more pop to my tank? Get over it and do a pair of stunners? Or is there something a bit more compact that would work? PAR doesn't really matter as the MH does it's job nicely. It's purely supplemental. And finally, what colors would you recommend adding?


Thanks all.

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Why not add some Cree RB LEDs on a heatsink for that extra pop of colors!! You would be amazed the colors you will see under the Royal blue LEDs!!!

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