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aquaclear fuge mod or AIO filter?


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The tank I got is a 4 gallon tank, its came with an included filter that I have been using for water current/filtration purposes.


I am considering upgrading to a aquaclear fuge mod instead but I like how my AIO filter direct the water flow right where I want it. Its rated for 45 gph.


I fear that upgrading to a aquaclear will limit my ability to direct the flow where I want it to be based on my rockwork. I also wonder if I upgrade to an aquaclear fuge mod, will I still need an extra pump for flow? In such a small tank? and if I do need a pump...4 gallons does not have much real estate to give up to a pump.


Those that have the AQ fuge mods, happy with results?


Any input is appreciated.


looks like: http://www.appliance101.net/water-filters/...--pid2651810381


Another problem I have is that the AIO cascade filter make air bubbles, its made that way to make air bubbles. The air bubbles however, spritz salt water onto my LEDs and make massive salt creep deposits.

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The good thing about the aquaclear is that you can grow chaeto and have a little refugium going on in it. I slowed the flowrate down on the aqua clear in a 10g I used to have going, and found that it does a good job of displacing the water in the front half of the tank, but not so much in the back half. Not sure if you already have a powerhead in there but if you can get your hands on an old Koralia nano, it should be fine with the aqua clear, but once again, if your modding to add on a fuge, you will want to slow the flow down on the AC, you can do this by lifting up on the inlet tube until the flow is reduced to a desirable rate.

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