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Coral Vue Hydros

Rachael's Tiny Tank, 3.4 G


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This tank was started back in November 2011. I decided to start a thread :)


Tank: Penn-Plax Radius 3.4 G tank

Sand: Caribsea Live sand

Rock: about 3-4 pounds live rock with some coralline, sponges, and feather dusters

Heat: Deep Clue Protherm Digital thermometer, my house temp stays at a constant 78, sometimes 76-78 if a cold front blows through.

Filter: using the penn-plax in tank filter that came with it, but I tossed the freshwater sponge that was in it, and I use that fiber floss stuff, made me own little carbon/ammonia bags to fit. I am considering getting HOB aquaclear and chaeto/fuge mod it... I added a BioMaxx nano HOB mini filter. Not big enough for fuge, but it does move the surface water better. I was having a problem of surface scum building up. I would do the paper towel trick and a few hours later it would be back >:(

Lighting: Ecoxotic eco pico arm LED light fixture. Running 3 strip: 2 W-B-W during the day, 1 453 nm Blues at night.

Food: New life spectrum sinking pellets, mysis, Filter Feeder Formula from reefcleaners.com (my tank goes nuts over this stuff), *occasionally* baby brine shrimp.

-Dose with 2mL Instant Ocean reef accelerator for minerals on my weekly water change. EDIT: Finaly got a magnesium test kit, it was half of what it should be at so I now dose with aquavitro "ions" magnesium


Most current FTS 5/2/2012:


Most insanely ugly rockwork EVER



The crew chilling out





Living critters:


- 1 electric orange hermit, 1 blue leg, 1 red leg

- 2 Peppermint shrimps, 1 is about to be evicted if I catch him eating my coral again. Miss Shrimp went praying mantis on Mr Shrimp. There was a domestic disturbance, Mr. Shrimp did not make it.

- Snails: 1 Nassarium vibex, 10 ceriths, 1 astrea,

- soft tube feather dusters

- some small BTA hitckhickers, 1detritus eating bristle worm hitchiker...NEW: asterina, brittle star fish

-Corals: 1 Trumpet 2 trumpet (fragged), 1 blue shroom, 1 red shroom, 2 ricordea (green and tri colored), 2 favia, several zoa's, GSP, sun coral, 1 chalice, 2 acans, 1 blue sympodium.

-1 green penny macro algea from reefcleaners, I forget the name of it. gaulipasomething or other.


I shall post pics of the journey in a bit.

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11/23 sand and live rock time


At this time I called my tank "My pet rock"





rearrange rock, and it wont be the fist time :P





0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrates, 0 Nitrites


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Killer shrimp attaacking pellet o' dooooom.

Green snot sponge thing on live rock



Ricky the Ricordea





My next step will be to putty my rock into a sorta arc shape. I want it so it will have different levels for different types of corals to go which is not easy in a tank 10" tall. I will probably have to bust up some rocks to get it all to fit right. I could use rockscape suggestions. Once rock is puttied until i like it, then the other corals come off their plugs.


EDIT: I realize too late its easier to get rock work done before putting other stuff in tank, but not completely undoable. I get so indecisive as to where I want to put things.

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The Corals

in order of appearance


A separate 10 G frag tank, in progress



Mookie, the trumpet coral






Prism favia



Mr Golden Sun, the sun coral



Red acan


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I find the hardest part is getting the rockwork exactly how I want it to be. I fear glueing all the coral frags down, then hating the layout and I'll be stuck. How hard is it to tear up a tank after everything is already growing out and spreading?


I'm waiting for this to cure


so I can use it, but its not ready yet :(

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Grrr....so my new dilema involves a frag tank witha bunch of frags wanting a new home into my 3g, but alas....FLATWORMS.


Is there a way to dip these frags and ensure my little tank wont get infested? They're like roaches, you nuke them and they keep coming back!

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