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I ordered 2 corals from the divers den area, my first time ordering from them, very excited since what you see is what you get. Snow storm hit us on the day we were supposed to get our delivery, but I still got my order by 3pm as they said. First impressions were packaging was great, no way anything was going to get injured during transport.


Here is where it gets sad, the heat packs were cold. I knew this was a bad sign...I then grabbed the first bag which was my monti and it was ice cold to the touch. I then went to grab my staghorn acupora and the bag was even colder. I took the temp of the water and it ended up 44 degrees. At this point, I had a feeling the corals were not going to make it. Monti was green with purple rim and is only white now..Staghorn is flaking away its outer layer so I tried to frag two tiny pieces which were 1/4 inch each..as opposed to a 6 inch piece.


I called them up this morning and they answered within one ring which was great and told them of my situation. They said the night my corals shipped out they had temps down to -30 with wind chill which was the cause of this. She said this was not the first phone call she had gotten. She then refunded me my money. Overall I am happy still with my purchase since the customer service was so great. I will purchase from them again, but will look at what there temps will be before I purchase again.


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Sucks to hear about your losses.


But as you have already found out.... LAs' customer service is top-notch! Glad to see you got your money refunded too, and no store credit BS! ;)

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I understand that mistakes happen everyday in this hobby , and I am in no way bashing LA but with -30 wind chill why even ship . The chances of a DOA increase greatly, even with heat packs. I know they have great CS but your livestock probably could have been saved by waiting a day or two.



-Rant over :)

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Don't get me wrong, I was upset, I am still upset. The specimens I ordered were stunning, I was most excited about Bretts purple rimmed monti. I just hope the next time I order things work out better. So now I will keep an eye out again and see what happens..

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I learned not to order anything during winter. I know it's hard to resist when you see the coral you have been hunting for, but it's better to wait until the weather warms up. I love Diver's Den, they do it right.

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