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How to treat/dip softies and frogspawn?


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I'm going to be adding some softies (Xenia, GSP, zoas) and frogspawn to my tank soon. What is the best way to treat or dip these corals before adding them to my 28 G nano cube?


Is this plan the same for any softie or LPS?


I don't have a quarentine tank....Should I have one for coral?



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I use 2 dips for my corals (not both at the same time, I chose one). Iodine mixed with tank water is probably the most common dip, but it doesn't kill everything. I usually use this dip for fresh cut frags because it disinfects and help them heal. Mix a few drops with tank water, just enough to turn it a light tea color, and dip for 15 minutes. For other frags, as well as macro algae, I use bayer insect killer (the kind you get in a jug at the hardware store). Mix .5mL (notice the ".") of it with 2 cups of tank water and dip your corals for 10 minutes. It kills almost all coral parasites and protects them from parasites for a couple months.


You don't need a quarantine as long as you dip and thoroughly inspect every coral.

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