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My RapidLed retrofit


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So yesterday I spent the day fitting LEDs to my nano (with the help of my dad and his soldering skills). Its an interpet Fishbox 48L. I decided to go with a 6RB:3CW:3NW:1B:1TV ratio. I have 14 LEDS in total. It all went pretty smoothly considering I have never been involved with electronics in my life. All I have left to do, is install it into the hood (ive already modified the hood etc, just needs fixings) then sort out the project box for the drivers and find a spot for the dimming kit.


Picture in the hood




All wired up and ready to finish up!




I will put more pictures up later when its all installed and over the tank. Oh and excuse the colours of the wires! I ran out of red and black so had to improvise!

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I haven't seen it over the tank yet, or played with the dimming etc but I figured if I didnt like any, i'd swap them out. Ive put the royal blues and the violet in one string then all the whites and the cool blue in another. I will try and get some pictures later, the shops don't open till 10 so can't get the brackets for the heat sink -_-

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so apparently I dont have a camera good enough to take pictures of LEDs!! It may have to wait a while before proper pics are put up. The pics Ive got come no where near to how bright the lights actually are! but ill put one or two up!


This is with the white string and the blue string on at the same time.




Same as above but with different exposure settings:




I cant get pictures of the royal blues and the violets on their own because my camera goes into a coma.


So far I really like the colours, Im going to re-check all the wiring because im not convinced the dimming is working properly on the RBs. Some of the new zoa frags I have which I thought were just brown are actually really bright different colours under these lights. The blue and whites on together give a really nice natural colour with a slight pink tinge to it. At the moment, all I really have is live rock and a few small frags so when I get some more corals, the colours should be broken up a bit.


If there was anything i'd change, i'd say taking the cool blue out of the white string, when the whites are on by themselves, it looks green.


This is the picture of the unit with the splash guard on it: not sure if its affecting the brightness yet so may change that eventually.



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I worked out where the white balance setting is on my camera but it only has a few presets. The picture below gives a better idea for the pinky hue although its still no where near as bright.



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I also have a newbie question. is it normal for Zoas to look brown under the whites and blues? Their colour only really shows up when I turn off the whites and just have the royal blues on their own.

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