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Water flow?


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Hey everyone,

My 20H tank has been up and running for 2 weeks now, readings are good. Not stocking yet. I have a quick question, I have 2 nano koralia 240 ph's in the tank and it just doesn't seem like I am getting good water movement. LFS suggested the koralia evolution 550, would that blow the tank out or would it help? In the future I would like to stock with corals, not sure yet which type. Softies and LPS for sure and if all goes well some sps.


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550 would be fine in a 20H You'd really have to play around with it.. ALL depends on what you want to keep. What filter are you using for flow if any?

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No filter. 30lbs. live rock and aquac nano skimmer. May add cpr hob refugium, but don't know yet. I plan on stocking lightly. 1or 2 clowns, corals, and of course clean up crew. If I go with the 550 would you suggest keeping 1 of the 240's also?

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