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Silly question, can you "RE-activate carbon"?


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I was thinking today about whether or not it was possible to "re-activate" carbon once it has been used for say a month or two??

I think I know that answer BUT I figured I would ask on here anyways since there is alot of guys that have been on the hobby long enough to have either heard of someone attempting this before or have possibly done it themselves


Any help on this question would be GREATLY appreciated...


I know some resins can be "recharged" by either putting them in the oven, as well as some resins that can be recharged by soaking them in a chemical mixture of bleach


Thank you guy's AND gal's in advance


Mike G

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Don't think so, carbon cleans by filling its internal matrices with unwanted particle whereas most renewable medias have particles that "attach" to the surface and can be removed.

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