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I can not say enough about John and Reef Cleaners. I've ordered 3 times now, my first order was flawless however my second and third had minor issues which were not John's fault and these issues were handled and rectified quickly and without question. You totally rock!!!!!!!!! It's a pleasure to do business with a stellar company such as yours. Thank you and I look forward to further dealings with you.


PS, John, you really need to learn how to count, I ordered a few extra shells for my hermies and I swear you must have sent me about 100 extra. :) Thanks much my hermies are very happy!!!!!

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I agree. i ordered 20 dwarf cerith and got about 200. lol and to my surprise they are the best snail ever. you need a lot because the mouths are so small, but they do such a great job with film algae on the glass.

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