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Makin it Rain! ATO


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So since I've had my AI SOL LED module, I've kept the idea to create the ultimate thunderstorm. Complete with sound effects. So I'm almost there. Heres what I've got.


Warning: CRAPTACULAR video uploaded to photobucket but u get the idea...




Aquailluminations SOL LED module on thundstorm


MP10w on 60% short pulse wave setting


DoItYourself RO/DI ATO top off (manual s of now. ATO soon) Rainmaker


On the way: Speakers playing thunderstorm effects


All I need to make it all work in unison is a reef controller

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I like it but you have way too much time on your hands

Yeah, get a hobby! Oh wait....



Cool build! Be sure to post a vid when you have the sound and controller :)

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I like it but you have way too much time on your hands

It took about an hour to make it. I'm on vacation starting today so..... Trust me, I have NO time unless I make time and even then time is short.

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That's badass. I saw a LFS somewhere that had a similar idea over their 1000g tank.

Yeah I started looking around to see if anyone was doing that and I think I found what your referring to. I just realized you can hear this goddam Durso overflow in the background. F'n thing whistles like it's going out of style. I'm drilling another hole tomorrow!

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