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Clownfish or Cardinal? Which to add first?


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I going to buy a Baggi Cardinal and a pair of Clownfish to add to my Biocube 29 and I want to know which one I should add first? I'm thinking the Cardinal should go first since Clownfish tend to be territorial? Also, how long should I wait before I add the other fish? I was thinking about 5 days should be sufficient so I dont overload my tank's bioload.

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If your tank is fully cycled you can add them at once. It shouldn't be to stressful, but if you want to add one at a time go with the cardinal first, then clown.

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Thanks for the quick replies! My tank is fully cycled but I think I'm going to go with the slower approach just to be careful, don't wanna rush things. So the Cardinal is definitely going in before the clowfish are.

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does'nt matter, add the clown first it establishes territory, might bully cardinals for a little while, but then back off.


add cardinal first, clown bullies a little to establish a teritory, things get peaceful


add both at same time same thing, so it really doesn't matter.

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