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Marine Aquarium Expo 2012!

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MAX 2012 is HERE!!!



MAX 2012 Exhibitors



MAX 2012 Floor Map



MAX 8-foot Children's Touch Tank



MAX 2012 FinZone Contest



MAX 2012 Commercial


MAX 2012 Hotel Reservations

- Double Tree Club Hotel and the Ayres Hotel & Suites

- Only $95 per night plus tax

- Free Breakfast, Free WiFi, Free Parking, Free Shuttle Service

- Literally less than 2 miles from OC Airport and the OCFEC

- Click the following link to go to our Hotel web page and register:



MAX website


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Wow...so wonderful things. the tank is very great :happy:

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I was there lastyear. Very nice and an exciting place to go...will be there again this year

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Anyone know if AI products will be sold there thanks

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do you just pay to go in at the entrance?.

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YES, you may purchase tickets at the box office for $15 each adult per day


or there are two ways of acquiring presale tickets at a discount:


Age of Aquariums in Long Beach is selling presale tickets for $10 each ($5 discount)


or if purchasing quanitities of 5 tickets or more, we will mail tickets to you for $10 each up until March 25


contact us at Info@MarineAquariumExpo.com for mail order tickets (credit cards accepted for mail order but NOT at the box office)

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Will it be a cash only type of thing or can one use atm/credit cards? Maybe thats a dumd question.

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Some vendors will be accepting credit cards for purchases but i do not know who or how many.


You will need cash for entry and for raffle tickets and there are two ATM machines inside the building just waiting to spill out some green upon demand.

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