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got my order today. In with the dwarf ceriths there was a bivalve. ~3/4 of an inch diameter. He was closed up so I dropped him in the sand and went to do some other things. I don't see him now so I assume he buried himself. Any idea what he was and proper care?

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I have some that have made it to the rock work that I added to the tank from some oyster shells. I don't do anything special for them just feed the tank. They get what they need from the water column.

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+1, small bivalves don't require much care. I think it was a venus clam. It doesn't have a particularly high food demand, it isn't photosynthetic either. If you turkey baster blast your rocks every now and then you should keep them pretty happy. They are hardy, but somewhat short lived compared to other clams in the hobby

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