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dirty sand


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I just setup a 40 gallon and transfered my current stocking and rock from my 14g biocube over.


After discussing it on here it was decided that it would be safe to just make new water and transfer my current stock over since the rock in my 14g had enough bacteria to handle the ammonia, preventing a "cycle" from occuring. Then after a few weeks I could very slowly start stocking.


The move went well and I only ever saw .5 ammonia on my test. Probably due to the loss of bacteria in the sand. After a few days ammonia was reading 0 and all looked well.


I am now seeing a brown tinge develop on my sand bed, I dont think its diatoms, just looks like fish crap and excess proteins basically.


I only have the CUC for my 14g in there right now so I plan to add more this weekend. Do you think just a short handed cuc could cause this problem or is it something I should be worried about? I plan on doing manual removal and a water change this weekend as well, but all params look great and all my corals / fish / inverts look and act great as well.

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probably just crap settling, do you have a pic?


even though the tank does'nt really need to cycle, you still may have a nitrate spike starting from disturbing all the garbage in the sandbed, just keep testing and maybe post a pic for better analysis?

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