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Coral Vue Hydros

InTank baskets Configuration


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Hello guys,


I have had my biocube 29 for about five months now. I'm at the point where I want to add media basket and cheato in the back. I don't like the bioballs and my nitrates aren't going down.


Would this package work?







Lastly I'll need an underwater 10W light and cheato. Do you guys know where to find this? Will the netting bags that I need to attac the purigen or chemi come with the package deal?


Thanks a lot for your help

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Light at same place



and the media are already in bags ready to go.


Just make sure you zip tie the media to the racks above the media so the flow stays the same. If not the bag will sit on the bottom racks and slow the flow down.



Thank you for the tip!


We are out of lights until sometime next month :(


Media already comes in bags like posted above


Yeah I noticed that on your site. Is there no where else to get these? I figured you guys didn't make them and had a supplier elsewhere :lol:


Will this also let me hit the value for free shipping?

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you may want to consider adding ROWA phos to the filtration. it will eliminate phosphates. But doing those upgrades shud show a huge difference in your water levels..


What is ROWA and phosphates ? I've been testing for amonia nitrate nitrite ph

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We are out of lights until sometime next month :(


Media already comes in bags like posted above


do you have a date for that? Could I get the free shipping since I'd like to buy the light but can't right now because of your end?

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