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lighting options.. any opinions


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so looking at lighting options for a 20x20x18 22g 'ish' and its making me crazy!!


so i have narrowed it down to the following


150w MH with 2 x 24w T5 for moonlight

6 x 24w T5 HO, then i can play with colour


which would you choose? I will have sps.


Decided against LED due to cost and not many good second hand units...


Have considered DIY LED but doesnt seem that much cheaper by the time i import and get tools etc....



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check out the first link in my sig before writting off LED..


i built a setup for my 55g that was less than 150 and was super easy to build. (no soldering, drilling, tapping..etc)


i'd recommend 20 of the bulbs. So $5x20 plus $22 for sockets. $122 and some wire nuts/tape/ screws and you will be much better off .


you can see my tanks success with the lights by clicking either side of my sig banner too :)

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