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Clownfish acting weird


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so am new to this site and heard its the best site to help me out with any concerns i have...so i have a concern and its about my clownfish....i have a 75 gallon tank with 1 yellow tang 2 corals 2 hermit crabs i red blood shrimp and 1 cleaner shrimp and i also have 4 clownfish but heres the problem am having...well i had the first 2 clownfish for about 3 months and about a month and a half ago i bought 2 more clowns and at the beginning they were fine but now i have the one chasing the baby clown fish all over and then he hides under a liverock like he is dead..i have check my ph kh phosphate nitrate ammonia levels and they are all fine...the thing is only one clown is chasing him and making him hide so i went and brought a cage for him that sits in my tank...Is there something am doing wrong or did i mix him in too fast or is this normal..i just dont want him to die on me so what do you guys suggest about what i should do

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Take out the one that's being bullied. Usually the only way more than two clowns can coexist in a small tank is to only have one female and one male and the others stay gender neutral. The ones you added are most likely not gender neutral and the original pair sees them as invaders in their territory.

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Pretty much sums it up. They are very territorial once paired up. If they are maroons, or clarki's they are some of the most aggressive saltwater fish at all. Anyway, get rid of the bullied ones, if you want them to survive.

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Hey buddy, like I said advice is quick and plentiful on NR. Anyway what everyone said is right, you only really wanna keep 2 clowns in a single tank or a group bigger than 4 so there is the 2 gender specific and the rest stay neutral unless one of the genders die in which case they will turn into the male.


What kind of clowns are they? Do you have another tank that you can keep them in, like a frag or QT tank? Otherwise your gonna have to pick the 2 you want and sell the others.

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