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Aqua C Remora Pump Connection Alternative


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Haven't seen anyone with this...so I thought I'd share for those who care.




Nothing to fancy! Just thought it looked much better than tubing, a barb, and zip ties/line clamps.


1. Put some teflon tap in the threads and CAREFULLY ran it all the way in with a wrench.

2. Rotate the pump house and slide it into the grip hole.

3. Snug up the nut BY HAND. You don't wanna crush the pump output tube.


This was done with an MJ900. I used a cord grip I had just laying around at work. If I was going to buy one, I'd go with the one in the link below. It should be a little shorter in length than one I'm using. What ever you choose, make sure it has a close to 1/2' grip side hole and a 1/2" male pipe thread (mine was a staight butm and NPT thread should work just fine).




$2.69 Cord Grip From Granger


Thanks for your time!

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