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Cultivated Reef

Help ID this please!


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Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on what this might be. I am refering to the object located to the lower right of the mushroom. It seems to have a little purple color too it but it more white than anything. Under the atinics it has a slight green glow. (sorry for the poor quaility phone pic)




It is on the bottom edge of a frag plug that i got. When i noticed i turned it so that it would be in light as much as possible. The frag itself was of a piece of cabbage leather and a mushroom that you can see at the top right. When I got it home and look i noticed the smaller mushroom on the side and there is also another on the back side of the plug and under the mushroom on top....


But getting back on topic, is that object to the right of the mushroom a coral or is it even anything at all. Thanks

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Two nems? Am I wrong in thinking that that is a baby yuma mushroom...the large mushroom on the top of the plug is a yuma so i assumed it was a baby that was dropped

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That would make sense as well.. babies or one that were in the sand and shriveling. Give them some time and light and see what they grow into.

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Thoughts on fragging the large mushroom off the plug and then flipping the plug so its getting more light....


Good idea? Bad Idea?

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Depends on how much light they've been getting. I'd say splitting the rock so they can all get good light would be a good idea. However, if these two little ones have been shaded, you're going to want to put them in the shade to start and gradually move them out into the light.

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If you just leave them the way they are, they should gradually move themselves into the light.


If it is a nem i would think so. Been in the same place for about 2 weeks now

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