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Stocking Opinions/Shrimp Goby Questions


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Hey everyone, I am really going back and forth about which fish tk put in my tank so I am looking for some opinions. I already have an Ocellaris Clownish, and I know that I am going to add a Springeri Damselfish. After that, I have come up with two choices. I could add a Midas Blenny as my 3rd an final fish, or I could do a Tailspot Blenny and some sort of Shrimp Goby (probably a Watchman). I would just go with the Midas but am a bit concerned about how aggressive he will be towards my other fish. Any opinions? If I go the Tailspot/Shrimp Goby route, I have some questions about the Shrimp Goby. First of all, does, say, a Watchman Goby do okay without a Pistol Shrimp? Also, if I do get a Pistol Shrimp, are there any that will not attack my Cleaner Shrimp, snails (including nassarius) and hermits? Finally, is it a problem that my sand bed is 1-3 inches thick and my rock is not resting on the glass? What do you guys think? Thanks.

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