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18"-20" wide light fixture suggestions?


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Looking for a light fixture to attach to my 10G 20" wide tank... Something that would just sit on top of the tank, raised on 4 legs.


I've looked around and found "Marineland Reef Capable LED Lighting System". It looks great, but NR does not approve of it. I found a bunch of other amazing ones, but the prices are way more than I am willing to spend on the light right now.


Is there anything that would have moon light and be programmable for under $250?

Perhaps I should also look at PC, T5 or Clamp-on lights...




Found AquaticLife PowerCompact CF Light Fixtures w/ Lunar LED. Is anyone familiar with these by any chance?


Oh... there is also 20 Inch 4x18 Watt AquaticLife T5 HO Light Fixture w/ 2 Lunar LEDs

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