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new to saltwater


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hey everyone. i have just finished setting up my first saltwater tank. it is a jbj 28 gallon cf quad. so far i just have 20 lbs of live sand and about 25 lbs of live rock in there. it has been up for 2 days now. i DIY'ed an ac70 refugium with a clip on light with a 16 watt cfl. the two powerheads in the over flow section are (1) 266 gph stock jbj pump and (1) 166 gph sunleaves powerhead. i may upgrade to (2) maxijet 1200's if it seems necessary. once i figure out how to get pictures up i will do that!


look forward to getting to know some of you and learning in the process!



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no idea yet! trying to do research to find out what is possible. i really like fire fish and i really like this "tailspot blenny" i have seen. as far as corals i dont even know what is possible with the cf quad. any tips on how to figure it out..?

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