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JBJ ATO, figured it out, Pump?


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So I ordered a jbj ato last year and every time i tried hooking it up it wouldn't stop the pump until like 30 seconds after the float switch switched up witch would have caused my biocube to flood. So I put it in the closet.


I ordered another one a couple weeks ago and it's doing the exact same same thing, am I doing something wrong?


I tried with multiple pumps and multiple float switches




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It's on a mode,


Both ATOs do the same thing, when the float switch floats up the light on the unit for the float switch turns off but the pump continues to pump water

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is the pump and/or reservoir above your tank? sounds stupid, but it could just be draining the remaining water from tubes... or does your pump stay on?

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The ATO does have a minimum pump time. I think it is around 5-10 seconds. You can't just float/sink the sensor and have it turn on and off instantly. Is that maybe your issue? Using something like an Aqualifter (as franklypre suggested) would also solve the issue. There is no way your tank will flood with an Aqualifter's flow rate.....it just drips.

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Ok, that is exactly the problem THANK YOU!!


I don't understand why people suggest getting the maxijet 1200 if it does this.


What type of aqualifter would I need for about 4-5 feet long tube?


Thank you so much, I hope this is the problem, it's so the only thing that makes sense.

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I can only find one TOM aqualifter, and it goes 30in. I would need something that can go higher.


Is there any pumps that can go higher then 30in? I can't find any for cheap but then again I don't know if im even searching properly.




Even with the resovoir on the top shelf of the biocube stand a 30in airline can't reach long enough to get in the tank.

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