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Candy stripe and Tiger pistol shrimp


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I have a small Candy stripe living in a rock. He has sand plugged in most of the holes, and has a few favorites he pokes out of during feeding. Also various burrows at the edge of the rock that tunnel under part of the rock and go to the cavernous rock.


The Hi Fin Goby still lives in the rock opposite where the Candy stripe is. He also pokes out for food. They never have found each other, and seem content in their own rock.


I'm thinking to add a Yellow watchman and Tiger pistol.


Question is will the larger pistol go after the smaller shrimp?

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RSM250 = 66 Gallons


Looking at the new RSM S series, 500 liter (132gal) now...that shouldn't be a problem with a larger sandbed area.


Mostly the question was about the Tiger (active bulldozer) finding the smaller shrimp in its rock. The candy stripe shrimp doesn't fully leave his burrow holes. At least that I have seen.

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