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filter for 10g


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I was looking at the Marineland Penguin BIO-Wheel Power Filters mini with carbon filter cartridges. Would this be OK to use for just clearing my water up?

I would take out the BIO-Wheel and just run it with the cartridges.

would this be ok for collecting debris and other small pieces of food and what not?

my tank is starting to to smell foul and i see little pieces of dead matter that wasn't cleaned off, floating around.

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I would also go with the aquaclear . I have used them for years and they are by far one of the best (if not the best) HOB Filters out. They are quiet, mover plenty of water and I have never had one jam up or not start back up after unplugging/power outage. Look in the hardware classifides, there is probably a used AC70 floating around somewhere.

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Biowheels are silly. I had one on my 10g freshwater. The refill cartridges are over priced And water didn't even flow through the pad well at all. It would always overflow too.

Get an aqua clear! No biowheel!

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Your water smells? I would add more flow and possibly more lr. How much do you currently have? I am in the generous side of lr per gallon, so I have a cheap hob filter that maybe once a week or after a messy feeding, I just stuff with poly-fill and it clears the water up real well. After an hour or two I just take it off and put it away.

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Now I have not been able to turn my power head on because of my sand. Is the ac70 modified? Or just run plan


I modified mine to run as a refugium with chaeto in the main chamber, after the water goes through a pad to catch particulates...



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I ordered a filter today! well my girlfriend did! its the Marineland Penguin 100 BIO-Wheel Power Filter... i will mod it some!


BUT, should i wait out the ammonia cycle first before i add the filter? when should i add the filter?

would it be bad to add it early?


(The ammonia smell is so strong it makes me gag!)

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