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Is this Verde Acro a Gonner?


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I got this coral for free from a local reefer. His lights were not strong enough. It is in pretty crappy shape, so I am debating if I should even bother to put into my display tank. It is sitting in the QT for now... But does it look like a goner? It still has some color in the stalk, not fully bleached white yet. I may dip it again and put it under some bright light...but then again...I may be just wasting my time.


What do ya think?



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I see color in it and if you can see any polyps, it's worth a try.


I would place it in low light for a couple of weeks, with good flow. Gradually move it up to brighter light.


Worse thing is you can cut off the healthier looking pieces and grow it out.


Good Luck with it. ;)

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